This tutorial is designed for beginners who have never done programming in C language, so this tutorial is divided into two parts. The first part starts with POP based Programming like C type language and the second part starts with class in which you will get to see C++ type i.e. OOPs based programming.

Of all the programs that have been given before the concept of class, and in C language programs, only syntex is the difference. note, give more time to the basic concept (mostly control statement), you will understand the concept of OOPs in 1-weak only.

Before starting Programming Remember some Points are:

  • You do not need to learn C language before learning C++. its only your choice.
  • Learn Programming, Not languages.
  • Sometimes learn Languages is easy while learn Programming is little bit difficult. both are quite different.
  • If you have a good knowledge about any one programming language, it will be very easy  to learn other Programming languages.
  • The only way to improve programming skills is to keep practicing it. Patterns related programs can be a good option for this.
  • Programming is always the same, just the way programming is changed and this is the way we call by a new language.

Here is the all available contents of this website,


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Patterns Related Exercise

Complex Programs

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Complex Project

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Believe us, Programming is not as hard as it looks. you will get a lot of fun later when you feel we can make anything by programming.