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about myself

I belong from a hill area. So when I passed 12 at that time, I had no knowledge about internet and I had not even heard the name of Google and Facebook.

In 2013, when I moved out of the village for higher education, I felt the need for a mobile. when mobile came then i heard the name of Google and Facebook for the first time. although I only heard their name

Because I was interested in science so I decided to do B.Sc. But this did not happen. So I could not understand what to do next. Luckily I moved on to technology. where I learned about computers and in the end of 2013 I also did some programming on FoxPro.

In 2014, I did a technology course (IT). I did not select this course. I went to do a mechanical engineer, but I got an IT course by mistake. This course was newly opened at that time, so there was no staff for this course and the result is In present time, course is closed. When I join IT course, I did not even know what it meant and it was not the only one.

In the course I was only interested in programming(C++) but there was no teacher teaching it. Because I was interested, So I used to do hours of programming. But even then, when I saw other students’ programs on computers, I was demotivated that we could not find anything comparable to them. sometimes it is very difficult for a beginner to learn programming and without the teacher and I don’t know where to start, so I was failed in C++ subject in the first semester.

It seems impossible to learn something without a teacher, but I think if we are interested in something, we can learn it and it happened to me as well. But it was not so easy.

In 2014-2015, I did a lot of research on Google about C++. But the correct and easy method could not be found from anywhere. I learned programming, in descending order.

I started learning programming from Patterns Programs, which was in a PDF file. Which was from Ashish Pandey. In a way, my programming career started because of Ashish Pandey. I started making patterns related programs for hours. After this, looking other projects on the Internet, I started making my own projects. My first project was for myself named by Billing database management system, in which I used to store my debit-records. After this I made many more complex projects and all this because of patterns programs.

In learning C++, I spent about 1 year and I thought I wasted so much time on one language. In such a time if someone else was there, he would have probably learned 4-5 languages.

Then in the 3rd semester, there was php language and now, I knew how long it takes to learn a language. But here, it did not take me 1 week to learn PHP. I was surprised myself. How is this possible? Because it took me 1 year to learn C++.

After reading many articles on the Internet, I came to know the difference in programming and languages. And the difference is that programming is almost the same, just a new way of programming, a new language is called. Then I realized that my 1 year was not wasted on C++. I had not only learned C++ but also got to know programming very closely. It was not a big deal for me to learn other languages.

In 2015, when i was in 3rd semester, I chose the C++ language for my project. This project was my biggest ever. Which had many thousands of line codes. The project was on the Student Records Database Management System. Who could store the records of all the students who had 5 subjects. It was like a software. Which was able to do all the tasks. Examples – printing mark-sheet, changing software themes, changing log-in options, database backup, format and data-recovery guest-login, admin-login and other minor options.

When the time came for the presentation of the project, no teacher believed that this project was made by me. After many arguments, I also said that we have downloaded it from the Internet.

After this, when the same project later went to the Examiner, he also did not believe us. For this, he made some errors in the code, he did this 2-3 times. Now I was asked to debug this program. Which I have also done. But they asked me some definitions to which I had no answer. So they did not believe me.

I made many complex projects in C++. Which I see today is surprising. Because I learned to do programming from patterns programs, not from any teacher. Perhaps that’s why, despite making so many projects, I did not know the definitions of some basic concepts like constants, modifiers, character sets. Although I also used them in programming. I had already said that I learned programming in descending order.

This was my journey to learn programming.

  • In 2012, I had no knowledge about the Internet.
  • In 2013, a closer look at the computer for the first time.
  • In 2014, accidentally took an IT course instead of mechanical. Which was in English language Because at 12, I passed the English subject with a grace marks.
  • In 1 semester, despite doing hours of programming, I failed in C++.
  • In 2015-2016, I made many projects in C++. But due to more focus on C++, I became weak in other subjects. Because of which in 6 semester, in the whole class, I was the only one who was fail.

so conclusion is – There was a time when I was not even aware of the internet and I later mastered the subject in which I had once failed. However, I could not make a career in programming. But today I have a website of C++ tutorial. really anything is possible in life.

Because our diploma proved to be a lie because of which we did not get any opportunities, so after finishing college, I moved away from programming and college our also closed after 1-2 years due to staff.

about website

After wandering for 2 years, in 2019, I decided to create a Tutorial of C++. But in this too, there were many difficulties. For this I first had to learn WordPress and many things which was not so easy. But in the end, I made the website. Because I don’t know blogging. Therefore, even after creating the website, many changes were made in it.

Earlier this website was in Hindi language. But at the end of September it was made in the English language.

However, at present time, a lot of websites that teach C++ on the Internet were already in place and each website has given different information about C++.  sometimes it is very difficult for a beginner to learn programming by himself and in such a situation he can make lots of mistakes and what kind of questions will be in his mind. maybe I knew a little about it. So I decided to make a website.

In my programming career, I knew one thing that your focus should be on programming and not languages. Languages ​​have always been changed and will be further,but if your programming skill is good, then you can easily learn any language.Therefore, despite this website only having one programming language, its name is learnprogramz. which means learn programming, not languages.

Not all the concepts of C++ have been given in this website, but all the basic concepts have been given.

Because my programming career started with patterns programming. Therefore a separate section of patterns programs was given in the website.

The text-output of some programs is not possible, so the video-output of those programs is also given.

If there is a problem in any concept, then a comment box is also given in some concepts. With which you can ask us.

address:-  UK, India.