Banking Management System in C++

Here is another program available where we used array of objects in it, so to understand this program, you can take help of this program.

In the program, the first option CREATE ACCOUNT will be used to create account then other option will be, as you can see in the diagram,


Here, creating an account means how many class objects have been declared.
In the program, we have defined the size of the array-object 6,

banking obj[6];

Here banking is class name and obj[] is an array type object of this class.

So this means that we can create 6 customer account or less here

Here is the program,

#include<stdio.h> //gets() and puts()
#include<stdlib.h> //exit()
class banking { // by default member are private int amount,ac_number; char cust_name[20],ac_type; public: // member are public void get_record(); friend void show_record(banking); // displaying customer record int re_amount(); // to return spacific customer amount int re_account(); // to return spacific customer account int deposit(); // deposit into account int withdraw(); // withdraw from account }; // storing data from user void banking::get_record() { cout<<"Enter Account No: "; cin>>ac_number; cout<<"Enter the Name: "; gets(cust_name); cout<<"Enter the Account type(C\S): "; cin>>ac_type; cout<<"Enter the Amount: "; cin>>amount; } // return amount a specific customer int banking::re_amount() { return(amount); } // using friend function to displaying customer record so not need to :: operator for defination void show_record(banking obj) { // obj can access private member of same class cout<<"Account No : "<<obj.ac_number<<"\n"; cout<<"Name : ";puts(obj.cust_name); cout<<"Account Type : "<<obj.ac_type<<"\n"; cout<<"Amount : "<<obj.amount<<"\n"; } // return account a customer int banking::re_account() { return(ac_number); } int banking::deposit() { int d; cout<<"Enter the ammount to be deposit: "; cin>>d; amount = amount+d; return amount; // return total depsit in account } int banking::withdraw() { int w; if(amount<500) { cout<<endl; cout<<"Sorry! Insuficient Balance transection not available";}else{ cout<<"\nEnter the ammount to be withdraw: \n"; cin>>w; amount = amount-w; cout<<"amount successfully withdraw"; } return amount; // return wiithdraw amount } // starting main function void main() { clrscr(); banking x[6]; //that means we can store 6 customer at a time. int ch,count,account,amount; do{ start: cout<<"\n\n\n\t\t\t\t****BANKING****\n\n"; cout<<"\t\t\t\t1.CREATE ACCOUNT\n\n"; cout<<"\t\t\t\t2.DEPOSIT\n\n"; cout<<"\t\t\t\t3.WITHDRAW\n\n"; cout<<"\t\t\t\t4.DISPLAY ALL ACCOUNT\n\n"; cout<<"\t\t\t\t5.SEARCH\n\n"; cout<<"\t\t\t\t0.EXIT\n\n\n\n"; int n=0; while(n<80) { cout<<"_";n++; // printing a line } cout<<endl; cout<<"\t\t\t\t\tEnter Your Choice: "; cin>>ch; switch(ch) { case 1: clrscr(); int cust; cout<<"How Many Customer Record you want to Store: "; cin>>cust; for(count=0;count<cust;count++) { cout<<count+1<<". ACCOUNT\n"; x[count].get_record(); // get_record function calling cout<<"\n\n"; cout<<"Account Created Successfully"; getch(); clrscr(); } break; case 2: clrscr(); int true=0; cout<<"\nEnter the Account No:"; cin>>account; for(count=0;count<cust;count++) { if(account==x[count].re_account()) { x[count].deposit(); // deposit function calling cout<<"Amount Successfully Deposit"; getch(); clrscr(); true=1; } } if(!true) { cout<<"Account Not Found"; getch(); clrscr(); } break; case 3: clrscr(); int right=0; cout<<"\nEnter the account No:"; cin>>account; for(count=0;count<cust;count++) { if(account==x[count].re_account()) // check account match or not { x[count].withdraw(); getch(); clrscr(); right=1; } } if(!right) { cout<<"Account Not Found"; getch(); clrscr(); } break; case 4: clrscr(); int a; cout<<"\tALL ACCOUNT DISPLAY:\n"; cout<<"==================================\n"; for(count=0;count<cust;count++) { if(x[count].re_account()==0) return; cout<<count+1<<". ACCOUNT\n"; cout<<"--------------------------------------\n"; show_record(x[count]); // display all account record cout<<"=====================================\n"; getch(); } clrscr(); break; case 5: clrscr(); int search,correct=0; cout<<"\nEnter account No. to be search: "; cin>>search; for(count=0;count<cust;count++) { if(search==x[count].re_account()) { cout<<endl<<count+1<<". ACCOUNT\n"; show_record(x[count]); // display search account detail getch(); correct=1; clrscr(); } } if(!correct) { cout<<"\nThis Acount Not Available....Try Again."; getch(); clrscr(); goto start; } break; case 0: exit(0); break; default: cout<<"Invalid Choice"; clrscr(); goto start; } }while(ch!=0); }
                    1.CREATE ACCOUNT


                    4.DISPLAY ALL ACCOUNT




download and execute yourself this program, from here below,